What is that?

An online app to make diagrams for the names of your loved ones, non-humans and humans.


Because nobody has just one name.

Why the arrows?

Names can have inheritance relations. For instance, a cat name “Noodle Long Boi” can be made from “Noodle”, and “Baby Boy”. Showing those relations underlines the fun and creative aspect of naming.

I download my diagram, then what?

Before downloading your image, you can choose to publish it in the public domain, that suppose you are the author of the content (text, image). Then your image will be added to the public Gallery. If you refuse, you will download your image only. Then you can publish it on your favorite social media. Don’t forget to add the #nametree hashtag!

I can’t upload on mobile

Yes, this is a work in progress. Help welcome!.

My image disappeared!

Refresh this page and re-upload it.


This subreddit, that Quora thread

Is there a Gallery?


Who did that?

Me! You can contact me at gladyouask at proton dot me

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